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We are motivated by being the choice of
more than 90% of the civil airports in China.
Fuzhou Changle International Airport
  Located at the junction of Changle Hunan Town and Zhanggang Street in the southeast of Fuzhou and about 45 kilometers away from downtown Fuzhou, it is a major international airports in Fujian Province and one of the major international airports in East China and the southeast coast of China, it is also an important place for collection and distribution of air cargo. It is a 4E-level airport with a parking apron of 320,000 square meters. Being designated as the hub airport of the “Maritime Silk Road” initiative by Civil Aviation Administration of China means that the airport has upgraded to a national-level one from general one and become a key point in the interconnection of airport facilities and establishment of air traffic.
Equipment in Operation
Description Quantity Put into Operation
Constant Current Regulator 38 sets in 2009-2020
Switchover Cabinet 9 sets in 2009-2020
Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System 1 set in 2009
Individual Lamp Control and Monitoring System
22 Bmc in 2017

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